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Steph Ivelisse

“The Uncovering”

24x24 - fabric on wood


As part of the Fabric Series, ""The Uncovering"" is a visual exploration of the enduring connection to the art of sewing, a tradition deeply rooted in the artist's family history. The deliberate arrangement of the fabric on the canvas serves as a metaphorical unveiling, symbolizing the layers of history, emotion, and creativity that lie beneath the surface. The bold black paint accentuates the contrast between the fabric's softness and the raw texture of the wood, creating a captivating interplay of materials and emotions.


In ""The Uncovering,"" viewers are encouraged to contemplate the interwoven narratives of past and present, of fabric and wood, as they embark on a journey through the artist's personal and artistic evolution. This piece invites us to explore the delicate balance between concealment and revelation, where the essence of the Fabric Series comes to life in a mesmerizing dance of textures and stories."




The Uncovering

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