Watercolor classes for

all LEvels 

What is the Elemental EXpression Experience?

Watercolor Classes  Taught In A Casual Atmosphere.

What if you could learn how to paint with watercolors and actually enjoy the learning process? Say hello to Elemental Expression Taught by yours truly. Learn Watercolor Progressively, Step-by Step. See and hear everything I do on the paper as well as the palette.  Even hear the thinking process behind each piece while you complete Paintings from beginning to end. 

Invite your friends, sip your favorite beverage and enjoy step-by-step instruction with a local artist. It's a colorful, casual party atmosphere where you'll leave your cares behind to create beautiful watercolor pieces.  


Classes are $25 -$30 a person and all Supplies are provided. Along with a matte and protective bag after you finish your piece. 

Just show up with your drinks and have a good time. :) 

SPaces are limited

No upcoming events at the moment
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