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Rachel Bell

What does art mean to you ? 

Art is the pulse of life. Art connects all and when done with love, is the most powerful thing we have. Art means love and life to me.

Who inspires you ? 



My mother

Every creative I meet.


How would you describe your style? 


I haven’t found it yet, I’m about to try some more new things and I’m most inspired by the journey more than finding my style.

Why is community important for artist?


To fuel eachother with love and Encouragement, to share our gifts with eachother. It’s important to be around like minded individuals and also important to have different understandings of art.


How does it feel to be a successful art dealer? 


I still don’t look at myself as “ successful “ But happy, and to me that’s everything.



ART DEALER April- Rachel Bell

Rachel Bell

Art Dealer

Acrylic, Mixed Media Artist
Till death Give Us Art 🎨

We made a career out of selling art after the world told us it wasn't realistic.


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