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Mental Health Art Exhibit 

Alchemy is an exhibition curated to represent the role of transformation through artistic expression. Whether you use art to dive into the depths of your sorrow, as a tool to transform your pain into power, or as a way to steep in the beauty and gratitude of your blessings, the creative process is always an alchemical process. As artists, we take the intangible experiences of life and turn them into a visual reality. Our last two mental health awareness shows were Chaos and Voices, both focused around embracing unapologetic expression. However, this year, we wanted to create a more intentional theme around growth and expansion, highlighting the beautiful evolutions we have gotten to witness in our community the last few years. Alchemy is a show that aims to celebrate our triumphs, tragedies, traumas, and trials that have shaped us into the artists who collectively work together to better the world around us.

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