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Richard Samuel

Artist & Owner

Early in his life, Richard began drawing action figures. His mother noticed his talent and started buying him art supplies. Soon Richard began placing and winning art competitions in grade school using soft pastels. He continued his study of art and high school, while living in the artsy community of Wimberley, Texas, southeast of Austin. His senior year, he was singled out by his school to study under world famous watercolorist, Lian Quan Zhen who had a workshop in Wimberley. ​Richard went on to study art at Texas Southern University, while also starring on the football team. His football skills have allowed him to play professionally  for teams in Europe, enabling him to travel to many countries. He's been to Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Austria, Greece, Mexico, Indonesia, Qatar, and Germany. In these countries he has experienced the landscape, history, art and culture first hand.  With an insatiable appetite for creating, Richard Samuel is an artist and Founder of RichesArt Gallery. Focused on the sensual nature of art, Samuel creates vivid, eclectic, and realistic watercolor paintings adorned on the walls of private collectors around the world. As the only Black-owned gallery in Austin, Texas, Samuel is committed to diversifying Austin’s art scene and bringing work from underrepresented communities to the forefront. You can buy these beautiful unique watercolor paintings at the art gallery in Austin, Texas. You can also buy these watercolor paintings on our prints for sale page right here on the website.

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