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Steph Ivelisse

“Reminders To Self”



Blending the calligraphy line art and fabric series. I debuted a calligraphy line art series in May 2022. I wanted to find a way to blend together two of my artistic styles: calligraphy and line art. I began my entrepreneurial journey by practicing calligraphy for 3 weeks, then impulsively deciding to start a business. Calligraphy was a way for me to explore new mediums and create an alphabet unique to me. When the quarantine happened, I started playing with line art and created the “mujer” collection. Now, I incorporated my love for calligraphy and line art to celebrate women. The words that make up each woman deliver a message pertaining to that title.  


“Reminders to self” are from a love letter I wrote to myself and the phrases featured are:

Remember to laugh. Remember your standards. Remember that forcing things is self-sabotage. Remember you are everything you’ll ever need. Remember you are on this planet to live a joyful life. Remember no one can tell you who you are. Remember to love yourself deeply. Remember you can always start over. Remember that you’re loved. Remember to protect your energy. Remember you are divine. Remember a setback is not a failure. Remember to move intuitively. Remember your dreams are achievable. Remember to dance. Remember you are limitless. Remember to breathe. Remember to check in on your heart. Remember to pause and express gratitude. Remember your value. Remember to observe, not absorb. Remember to forgive yourself. Remember to be good to yourself. Remember to move intentionally. Remember to trust things are working out for you. Remember your peace. Remember to take your time. Remember to give yourself grace. Remember you’re allowed to reinvent yourself. Remember to embrace the process. Remember to be patient. Remember yourself. Remember everything in life is temporary. Remember you are a goddess. Remember to speak your truth. Remember your vulnerability is courageous.




Reminders To Self

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