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Steph Ivelisse

“Leaving The Nest”



This fabric series is deeply rooted in my family's sewing tradition. My abuelita, a self-taught seamstress, dedicated 77 years to this craft, using her skills to make ends meet in the Dominican Republic.My aunt, fresh from the Dominican Republic and still learning English, embarked on a sewing journey of her own when she began working at an alterations shop. Her path took a surprising turn when she impressed an interior designer with her work, leading to the establishment of her own luxury draperies business in 1987. Surrounded by these remarkable women, I draw inspiration from their artistry with fabric, incorporating this cherished medium into my work today. The fabric used in these pieces is courtesy my aunt, a symbol of our shared passion for creativity and the enduring bond of family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



Leaving The Nest

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