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What does art mean to you ? 


Art is everything to me, resonating in every corner, shadow, moment, and feeling. It transcends time and perspective, an endless source of amazement.


Who inspires you ? 


My grandfather is a man of many talents, but above all, he embodies greatness. Two profound lessons he told me were: “Treat everybody with dignity and respect” and “If you want my love, you have to put something down on it.” I always thought that last mantra was funny because it was a little country being that he comes from Louisianna, it carries a deep wisdom rooted in the belief that nothing worthwhile comes without effort. 


Love you, Grandpa.


How would you describe your style? 


I would describe my artistic style as "organized chaos." I paint and create from a gritty, viewpoint  but mixing colors and ideas together to bring forward a story or ideal. My favorite element/ material to use are pastels. They remind me of when I colored outside of the lines in my coloring books

Why is community important for artist?


Community is important for Artist to share ideas, to lean on each other for support mentally, and creatively. It’s not easy or cheap to do what we do. While people often witness the finished product, they seldom witness the effort and time invested in its creation—from setup to organization. The phrase “it takes a village” aptly applies to the art community. After all we are some of societies most vulnerable.


How does it feel to be a successful art dealer? 


I feels good being a successful art dealer. It’s no easy journey and creating something successful is a battle that has to be fought time and time again. But I’ve earned it and I’ve become a better human being because of Art. 





Mission Statement: Art
Mixed Media | Abstract Artist
Capitalizing on the art of life 🎨

We made a career out of selling art after the world told us it wasn't realistic.


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