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Art of Collaboration 

"The Art of Collaboration," an exhibit that showcases the extraordinary results of six artists coming together to create stunning works of art. 

Each artist has to pair  with another from the group of six, resulting in 15 captivating pieces that push the boundaries of collaboration and creativity. Starting from intimate meetings to finding common ground  , each piece tells a story of unity, harmony, and the power of working together.

In addition to celebrating artistic collaboration, this exhibit will benefit the As One Initiative. As One partners with breweries and artists to expose people of color to the craft brew industry, creating opportunities for education and empowerment. Part of the proceeds from the exhibit will be donated back to this important cause.

Witness the magic of artistic collaboration firsthand. 

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Felipe Gomez

Felipe Gomez is an Austin-based multi-media artist who specializes in wood-layering and painting. Originally from Bogota, Colombia, he moved to the United States in 2001 and attended Texas State University. After working in the tech sector for several years, he made the decision to pursue his passion for art full-time in 2019, and built his own garage studio.

Over the past decade, Felipe has honed his skills in a range of media, from layered wood sculptures to murals and oil paintings. His unique style draws from his love of street art, screen-printing, and clay sculpture, combining these techniques to create intricate, ⅛-inch slabs of wood.

Xavier Alvarado

Xavier Alvarado, a proud Trinidadian self taught artist works with a combination of philosophy, perspective, and inspiration, crafting  works of art that evoke a myriad of emotions. Believing that art is the greatest invention known to man, his mixed media style, ranging from live paintings to installations, prompts viewers to reflect on adventure, community, and the wealth of resources this universe has. Alvarado's versatility and creativity make him an artistic enigma.

Leah Bury

Leah Bury (@leah.creative) is a multimedia creative based out of Austin, Texas. Her fascination and appreciation for many different creative mediums has led her to embrace multimedia work, and she is always looking to blend various mediums to tell a unique story. Her favorite mediums include photography (film and digital), scanography, poetry, digital illustration, and graphic design. She is also a curator and event producer, and to date has produced nearly a dozen pop-up art galleries exploring various themes and featuring many local artists.

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Richard Samuel

 As the founder of RichesArt Gallery and a self-taught watercolor artist hailing from Texas, Richard’s life has been anything but ordinary. His journey from a professional football player to an artist has been fueled by diverse global experiences. These profound interactions have deeply influenced my artistic approach, allowing me to infuse my work with a rich tapestry of influences and perspectives. My art is a vibrant celebration of Motivation and self-identity, aimed at evoking positive inspiration, nostalgia, and deep emotional responses.

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Elaine Alonzo

Elaine Alonzo, an Austin native, blends her Korean and Hispanic heritage in her vibrant artwork. Her distinctive style, ranging from surrealism to portraiture, mixed media to wearable art, has led her to travel across the country having been featured as a live painter and speaker at various events, further cementing her reputation as a sought-after artist in diverse circles.

Elaine draws inspiration from vivid dreams, the diverse cultures she’s experienced, and the music that moves her. She is dedicated to fostering creative communities and connections, striving to co-create a more harmonious reality.

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Sade Channell

Sadé Channell creates colorful artworks that not only empower its subjects but also elevate the viewers mood.

Portraiture, landscapes, flowers, fauna and color are combined in various ways in her works to create personalized symbolic stories.

Sade is muralist, visual artist and licensed nail technician currently based out of Austin, TX. 

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