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Elaine x Felipe


Name: Unity 


Medium: layered wood & acrylic paint; oil painting on wood & aerosol on wood


Size: each hand, 12” tall


Inspiration :

a helping or receiving hand reaching for community…

This piece started from the idea of revisiting Elaine’s oil painting, “Picking the Fruit of Knowledge”, which stemmed from a vivid dream, one hand reaching to grab something growing from the other. In these two very different stylized hands by Felipe and Elaine, they are ready to conjoin forces…
there is a moment of pause and reflection: who needs who

These represent the power of connection, of opportunity, of growth, building relationships, surrendering control, trusting uncertainty.

The more you can trust uncertainty, the more you create space for your expectations to be shattered in the best regards. - Rick Rubin

Success is found through the process, through experimentation, through integrating the puzzle pieces.


Social: @elainealonzo @felipegomezart


Price: $2000


SKU: collab10
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