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Jenny Lyon

“Peaks & Valleys”

Plaster and Gold Leaf, 49in x 26in

"Last year was the first time I decided to sit in a church (aka last ditch effort). 


As I sat there, weeping, I was fatigued and ready to be out of the mental pit I was in. The next few months slowly progressed and I started finding glimmers of energy with each sermon and camping trip. I admired these little emotional peaks and valleys in the way I admire rolling hills and steep climbs to sometimes treacherous and equally beautiful peaks. 


Perhaps [INSERT HIGHER POWER HERE] created the most beautiful and extreme places on earth to reflect the ridges (Gyri) and grooves (Sulci) of our brains. Kinda cool to see the unconscious/conscious mind unintentionally — or intentionally — reflected on the land we reside."




“Peaks & Valleys”

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