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Elaine x Leah


Title: Memory 


Medium: mixed media, macrame & handmade jewelry attached to driftwood, scanography, aerosol & acrylic on canvas


Size: 30 x 40”


Inspiration : This piece is inspired by the ephemeral and intangible nature of memory, something that can be simultaneously so vivid yet so hard to truly grasp, as it’s already in the past. This piece incorporates photographs and mantras from both artists, printed and made into tiny mementos through the jewelry-making process called soft soldering. The array of trinketized memories shows how people, especially creatives, love to keep memories of the past with them in order to inspire future works. This piece also utilizes elements from Elaine’s previous paintings (“Picking The Fruit of Knowledge” & “Karana Light”) and Leah’s photos, printed out and manipulated on a photo scanner by Leah to create a trippy, dreamlike effect. By combining all of these elements, the artists hope to create a feeling of liminality, where one can step into memories, moments, and makings of the past, knowing that they are already being warped and shaped by new layers of perceptions from the present.


Social: @elainealonzo @leah.creative


Price: $5000



SKU: collab1
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