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“3am at Waffle House”

Acrylic 36in x48in or 3ftx4ft


"It's a late night after a football game, party, kickback, road trip, you name it, it's open. No matter how sober, drunk, high, or in debt with overdraft fees, she will always love you. Just follow the yellow bricks off to the side of the road. Waffle House, the only breakfast place that cooks the food right in front of you, 5 stars. One day I want to buy my own Waffle House but until then here is my painting of Waffle House. For my art nerds, this image is painted in a Van Gogh Style, from the opposite perspective of Edward Hopper's "Night Hawks" Painting. Notice the artist in the background. That is he and he is I lol. THIS IS OUR HISTORY"




3am at Waffle House

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