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Love Making Art

A book on sex, love, & poetry


A Book on Sex, Love & Poetry

The book will be a collection of individuals favorite erotic moments, poetry, and short stories dedicated to sex and love. the illustrations will be a collection of my latest series of erotic watercolor paintings.

Preorders will receive a signed copy of the book in April 2023 + a signed erotic print.

Love Making Art


However you present them, shelve them, or display them like art, coffee table books are an experience beyond just reading. They can set the tone for décor and conversation --- and there is no better way to set the tone than a romantic and sensual book.

This book means so much to me. In my opinion we should start to normalize humans in their purest forms. There is so much beauty in making love and Art. It is my goal to capture it together. 

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The book will not only be the first look a my completed  watercolor series but will also be the first time I have ever released my own poetry. as well as many first-hand encounters, short stories and poems from other brave talented writers. 

Carefully curated and beautifully packaged book spotlights 20 watercolor paintings from Richard Samuel "Richesart" and a mixture of 20 short stories and poems told first-hand by talented writers.

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Your every breath of air becomes the wind beneath my sail, I feel the warmth as I penetrate you gently and you inhale.   


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