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Kayla Kennedy

“You are art” 

40” x 30” Mixed medium on canvas - acrylic, oil, pencil


"The inspiration for this piece originally came from two completely different experiences. One being the chaos in my mind and trying to release it allowing clearer thoughts to form. The other experience being in a vulnerable position while naked. Exposing deception and feeling stuck and afraid. I wrote two completely different poems for this piece. And I would love to share both one day but for now, this one below represents the perception of strong women that I admire. I posted this painting and asked “what do you see” 


Seeking guidance from your own heart, you are art. 

Living in this “fragmented yet orderly dance of the feminine” to start. 

Your naturally exposed vulnerability, sets you apart.

Clouded through seasonal trauma, but you are smart. 

There is beauty in the chaos, but chaos can’t keep you, so what’s new!? 

Evolving unapologetically in society, that’s you. 

No more anxiety. 

Just a variety of perfectly imperfect pieces.

Now understanding how much your life span increases. 

Intricate distractions but you’ll always find a way through. 

Stand out, be bold and the multiverse within you will win. 

Exuding love, patience, kindness and compassion. 

You are art, so never forget your heart. "




“You are art”

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