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Kayla Kennedy


60” x 48”

"This piece was inspired by my first visit at Riches Art Gallery. I took the Live Figure Drawing Class and unexpectedly connecting with the model (Diana) before she took her clothes off. Through vulnerability and our natural womanhood we eased each others nerves, built each other up and leaned in. That night was a vibe and a beautiful experience, I’m grateful. 

This poem represents my experience and embodies the vulnerability and beauty of this painting. 


I walked in nervous and unsure. 

Confidently insecure. 

Will I be good at this or nah. 

Do I belong here, blah blah. 

She said “It’s my first time too”

Raw emotions sought through. 

Conversation began connecting us two. 

Then confidence grew and there was our cue. 

That’s all we needed, we were set.

In that moment our spirits connect. 

Soul tied to a women I just met. 

Highest regard of respect.

Vulnerability yes, the direct path to success. 

We entered into a fearless zone.

A pleasant reminder that I’ve Grown. 

Leaning into the unknown but not on my own.

Sisterhood throne, we’ve grown"





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