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Cecelia (aka Scenic)


Textile photo collage (crushed velvet and silk organza, with hand-embroidered foil)


"In a state of mindfulness, we become one with the sun, the earth, and the sky — breaking through the noise of the digital age. Inspired by zen philosophy, psychology, biophilia, Cecelia's work taps into the healing power of the ephemeral. Going beyond the technical tradition of photography, Cecelia intentionally dissolves and distorts detail in her images using in-camera techniques— including blur, bokeh, reflections, and lens flares. Through her poetry, photography, and dreamlike designs, she imagines a way of seeing the world with softer eyes. 


""Tranquilita"" started with a photograph I took while spending an afternoon in the spring meadows of Texas Hill Country during early days of the pandemic. I wanted to savor the peace of that moment and capture the calming effect on both body and mind. The layered photographs, printed on richly textured crushed velvet and ethereal silk organza, create a unique depth effect. The cascade of falling leaves, hand stitched into the frame, invites your eye to follow the moment, and escape the constraints of time. Peace lives in the moment. So take a moment, just for you. "





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