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Kayla Kennedy

“Keep fighting, it’s beautiful on the other side.”

Acrylic + oil pastel on canvas - 40” x 30”


"Inspired by life - I was in a dark place when I created this piece where I was questioning myself, my ability to create and my life’s purpose. I wrote the below poem which completely represents this painting and its evolution. 


Transforming life into art. 

At a time I completely fell apart. 

Clearly reflecting on canvas. 

Decisions to make because it felt outlandish. 

How could I ever let my shine go?

Even for a short period of time, hell no! 

Internally fighting but no longer hiding.

Because beauty was waiting for me on the other side, so I kept fighting.

I had to make a decision. 

Look in the mirror and consider a revision. 

Revise, restructure, unlearn and learn. 

Whatever it took for it to no longer burn. 

So from one day to the next I fought. 

Now waking up with a brighter thought. 


Keep fighting, it’s beautiful on the other side. "




“Keep fighting, it’s beautiful on the other side.”

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