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Allyanna x DaProphet

“Black Is Power”



Allyanna is a young and upcoming artist from Austin Texas who utilizes art as a form of expression & therapy. Her artwork is a way for her to create her own reality. Whatever she dreams of having she will create an image to manifest her future. One of her dreams, being featured in one of few Black Owned Art Galleries in Austin. As an agent of change my mission is to provide service and advocacy for my community. Surrounded by a supportive community her dreams are now coming true. This is only the beginning of her art career and soon she will be able to change the world. In her own worlds “BLACK IS POWER”. Little is known about Claudette Colvin but my mom was able to give me a brief lesson on her impact she has made for me. To be such a young girl and inspire Rosa Parks to bring national attention to the Bus Boycott speaks volumes. She has inspired me to be the change and remind our people that we are great.




Black Is Power

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